Letter to Judge Puffenberger

The Honorable Judge Puffenberger,

I hope as you read this letter you continually prosper and remain in health. My name is Julian Mack. I am a lifelong Toledoan, born and raised here, and I love Toledo, my hometown. We live in a great city and I want to do my part in making our marvelous city even better. I have been dedicated to the service of our community for the greater part of my life. Now, more than any other time, my personal experience in conjunction with what I’ve learned from working alongside collective efforts, makes me well suited for service on the Toledo City Council. Therefore, I am requesting your appointment to one of four vacant seats on the Toledo City Council either as District 1 Representative or At Large Member.

The following platform will function as a backdrop to my service on the Toledo City Council:

  • Safety Reconstruction: Provide resources to underfunded communities & people. Goal: End bad policy and wasteful spending that doesn’t result in increased safety. Do more to tackle the root of crime as opposed to treating the symptoms.
  • Environmental Justice: Work to establish the barriers that prevent homeowners & renters from the risk of lead paint poisoning. Environmental harm will disproportionately impact the most vulnerable Toledoans’ health, safety, wellbeing, and future.
  • Anti Corruption: Move to more publicly funded elections that remove barriers to new candidates getting involved and discourage a pay to play atmosphere of corruption in government. Goal: To change the culture of those with the most money having a greater influence on elected officials.

Over the past few years, I gained the perspective to connect with broad cross-sections of Toledoans that underlines the type of foresight needed from city council during this critical moment of our history. Service to my community has saved my life & demanded my growth as an individual. Initially, entering activist spaces I thought it was good to be loud, bullish and confrontational. My experiences have taught me the value of listening, compromising, and finding ways to work together on issues with folks who I may disagree with.

I have also learned to listen more to those directly impacted by our societal problems as opposed to preaching to folks the change they needed to make. As I was growing up, my mother volunteered at the Family House homeless shelter, where she formed the youth library. She would encourage me to play with the other kids there & stressed that we could have been in the same predicament and the responsibility we have to serve others. Those seeds that were planted in my youth have now reached maturity. More than any time in recent history we need to listen more, talk less, and put ourselves in each other’s shoes. I hope to serve the people of Toledo as Councilperson so that I may offer representation for Toledoans from all walks of life and attempt to identify with every Toledoan. I will be an appointee that possesses a firm resolve to see to it that those on the margins are being treated fairly and equitably.

Now the time has come for me to participate in the formation of public policy to help propel our great city to even higher heights. I want to make Toledo the very best place to live, to work, to worship, to play, to raise a family, to retire. I have a deep affection for Toledo. But more than my fondness and attachment to the Toledo Zoo, our great Metro Parks, or our reemerging downtown, what I love about Toledo is the people. Service as an activist has taught me, “You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people. You can’t save the people if you don’t serve the people.” – Dr. Cornel West. Now is the time for my experience and love for our city’s people to give representation to all of the citizens of Toledo. The resilience and compassion of Toledoans has been ingrained in me. I am asking for you to bestow upon me the great honor to serve the people of Toledo, a city that I love deeply, as a member of the Toledo City Council.

Respectfully Submitted,
Julian C.Mack

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